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Do you agree that many good quality research works do not come into light due to the complexity of conventional publishing process?

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First issue of ‘New Trends in Pharmaceutical Sciences’ has been published.

New Trends in Pharmaceutical Sciences, now accepting submissions.




A Revolution in Scientific Publishing …

We at Fournira Optime publishers operate with the motive of making India one of the largest producer of scientific knowledge in the world. As it is widely acknowledged that the the number of research projects carried out by the students and faculty of Indian Universities are far more than the research projects carried out in USA and China. The only hindrance in achieving our motive is finding a way to bring this huge amount of research work into light. We plan to achieve this by introducing a Revolutionary Publishing Model, one that facilitates the transformation of almost any form of research work i.e. original articles, thesis, research reports, project reports etc. into high quality research articles which are then published in our journals. Thus, we make publishing high quality, scientific research articles possible for (almost) everyone !!!

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New Trends in Pharmaceutical Sciences

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